NEW! - Standard with each SRT-4 STS: The patented Maddog STS Rod Brake!
Maddog STS Details
1) The Maddog STS is a complete assembly, but does not come with cables or a shift knob. The STS will bolt on and hook up just like the stock shifter.

2) All steel spacers are machined for accuracy. Heavy duty 8mm locking fasteners are used to guard against vibrational loosening (Mopar units use 5mm).

3) All Maddog STS are constructed from used assemblies. Each undergoes a full inspection to insure a quality product before being converted.

4) All Maddog STS will accept the stock knob, unless otherwise requested.

5) All Maddog STS have their throws evenly reduced. These are real reductions, front to back and side to side.

6) All Maddog STS will fit beneath the stock boot and center console. No modifications are required.

7) The Maddog STS use the stock gate stops on all STSs, where applicable. Beware: any STS that removes this gate stop is putting YOUR transmission at risk!

Service Suppliers
Performance Machine Company
11427 Commercial Ave. Suite 27
Richmond, IL 60071
(815) 678-2900
Cornerstone Tool & Machine
RR 12
Richmond, IL 60071
(815) 678-6800
Graphix Zone
676 Lake St.
Roselle, IL 60172
(630) 307-7446
2680 State Route 55
White Lake, N.Y. 12786
(845) 583-6652

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